If you are one of the very few driver’s today who owns a car with a manual transmission and clutch…here’s a tip on how to extend the life of that clutch. Heat is the big killer of all clutch faces. It’s going to occur in some form, every time you push the clutch in and then release it. But the way you release it…is critical. It takes a little practice to be good at shifting smoooothly….but then that’s the point of a manual transmission. Be smooth and easy.

The best way to release a clutch is to try and time the revs needed by the engine….  to the pressure plate release which starts the vehicle moving. It is a sensitive foot, clutch gas co-ordination that will give you good , clean easy starts. If you release the clutch too fast of course the engine will stall and then stop. Not what you want. But if you rev the engine and at the same time smoothly and appropriately release the clutch pedal…then you can make a smooth transition between stopped and moving.

Of course this is the 64 dollar question and answer. It takes time and practice to learn and master the technique. But once you do…. it will become second nature….In fact you really never forget….kinda’ like riding a bike..!! The shortest time to engage a clutch is usually the best for a longer clutch life. Keep the friction down. Don’t spin the clutch and pressure plate for a long time….this will burn it up much sooner…..

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