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When to Act…if Your “Check Engine Light” Comes On…!!

There’s nothing more bothersome, troubling or immediate than seeing that the “check engine light” has come on in the dash. It instantly makes your stomach sink and your mind race….what could it be..???? Well, the good news is, that most of the time….it’s really nothing serious. The car usually continues to run just fine and you wonder, why is that light really on..??? Sometimes it as easy as a loose gas cap…yes the cap must be tight for the evaporative system in the fuel line to function correctly. If you get gas and the attendant does not screw the cap back on tight….you get a light on the dash. This is usually easy to correct by removing the cap and re-tightening it. It takes a few minutes or miles for the computer to re-set….but that can take care of it.

The most critical time to be concerned about the “check engine light” are when it comes on and you DO immediately notice a change in the way the car or truck is running. This situation requires immediately attention. And some cars are equipped with a light which may instruct you to “Service Engine Soon”. Usually this means get to a mechanic as soon as possible. Remember the check engine light should come on when the oil level in any vehicle reaches a critically “Low” point. So you need to be on it when you see the light.

Ignoring these warning signs can result in “Severe” damage to your vehicle’s engine, if not corrected in a timely manner. If you are tired of repairing a car that continuously has a check engine light on….you can always Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @ BestCarDealinTown.com. I can replace the car with any New or Used Car, Truck or SUV…. in short order…thus eliminating the need for further repairs. You’ll find that Vehicle Buyer’s Service is….”A Better Way to Buy Any Car!!”