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Whatever You Drive….Make Sure You Take Care of It..!!!

No matter wht you drive….do all the scheduled maintenance by the book. It’s the best insurance against a breakdown. Yes an unscheduled failure can occur…but maintenance is still very critical. Oil changes especially. Here’s why. The oil in the crankcase breaks down over time because of friction and heat. It’s the way it is. SAE oil is only good for 5000 miles maximum. In fact most maintenance repair businesses will advise 3500 to 4000 miles and I agree.

If you’re doing “Synthetic Oil” in the crankcase…then the game changes. You can stretch the timing to somewhere between 5000 and 10,000 miles. But if you really want to keep everything in perfect harmony…I wouldn’t go longer than 5000 miles period. Remember too….that when you go in to have the oil changed, virtually ALL mechanics will check several other things on your car. That’s really important too. Looking at other systems like cooling, transmission, brakes and so on can prevent a breakdown on the highway, if they catch something during the inspection.

Use a reputable mechanic…like Metro Car Care for ALL your service work. They have serviced many of my cars and do a fantastic job. Kirk and his crew are experts at everything they do. And they are  a great way to prolong the life of your car. They check many systems when you come in for routine maintenance. They are good and reasonably priced. No matter what make of car, take it to Metro for the best care in town.

And when it comes time to replace that car…..just call 503-643-4585 or click Bob @BestCarDealinTown.com, you’ll find a “Better Way to Buy Any Car!”