Buying a used car….can be a frustrating and stressful process. It’s not easy to get all the decisions right on any used car, truck or SUV. The best way to prevent a mis-purchase is to go with an Auto Broker…but if you really want to go it on your own….Please….Follow these steps…

  1. Read the ad twice on line and check the CarFax before you ever contact the store. If you see accident damage…the best thing to do is to move on to the next car…However, CarFax does divide damage into two categories now. An accident involving another car and non-moving damage. If you are using a Private Party…Better check everything twice..!!!
  2. When you arrive inspect the car thoroughly outside to inside and under the hood. Check the engine to see if it’s warm or cold. Check all the fluids you can under the hood. Oil, Coolant. Transmission, brake and power steering. Coolant should look a nice color of Yellow or red…depending on the year of the car.
  3. Check the tires and the interior for excessive wear and tear…Tires need to be 40-5-% minimum. The interior should show wear appropriate to the age of the vehicle.
  4. Ask the Dealer/ Owner lots of questions… If you don’t ask….they won’t volunteer the information.
  5. TEST DRIVE the car. Look at the guages, lights, turn signals, Try the Radio/Infotainment system. Look for the books in the glove box. Check for the floor mats.
  6. ¬†Take it to your favorite mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. Cost around $100….and well worth it. If there are major problems hidden underneath….your mechanic will find them.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing all of this…next time your shopping for any New or Used Car, Truck or SUV….then call 503-643-4585 or Click…….I’ll take the stress out of buying Any vehicle. Remember…I do this every day…. ” It’s a Much Better Way to Buy Any Car..!!”