Not everyone wants a new car….some don’t even want a contemporary used car….Well….what do they want then. Many have opted for a retro…cool…little more fun to drive and look at car. That could be just about anything….but there are actually 5 top sellers that make the list pretty exciting.If you want a neat older car or truck…that theoretically could save a little money…and be fun too….then read on.

The number one choice..according to Hagerty Insurance is the Mazda Miata. Now this should come as no real surprise. This car has sold well since it’s debut in 1990…and the new buyer’s see it as the most affordable fun convertible out there. The next choice is the iconic Original Ford Mustang….Yes it’s still got what it takes to lure in new buyers to tame either the hardtop or convertible.

The third choice is the VW “Original” Beetle and it’s 60hp engine….I’m not sure that I’ve seen that many on the street, but it would be a good choice if you can find one at the right price. next is the 4th generation Firebird. Still a viable choice for even more seasoned drivers….It’s getting a lot of attention at major auctions right now.

Lat but not least is the all inclusive 1990’s truck….from¬† anyone…but especially Ford and Chevy. If it’s ’90’s …It’s cool and boy are the prices and demand skyrocketing on all models. Better fatten the wallet and check your budget before entering this market…And it’s not done with the upside yet.

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