Some used cars will have the remaining balance of the Manufacturer’s Factory warranty left on them when you buy the car. Some may have a local dealer warranty on them, Some may not have any warranty at all. In this case…what should you do??? It does make sense to review the options of buying an “After Market” warranty either on-line or from the selling dealer. Things can go wrong on any car, but if you have 65,000 miles on the one your considering. It probably is out of warranty. Here’s what you can do….

If the dealer has an extended warranty program to offer…then listen to all the options and make your decision…some key points to note or ask questions about:

Is this warranty strickly a “power train” guarantee?? Engine, transmission and rear end only!! Good but not complete coverage.

Is this a “power train” plus…<aybe it includes the cooling system and some electronics.???

Or is it a “Bumper-to-Bumper” type warranty that can cover virtually anything that goes wrong on the car???

The last version is always the best…yes it is the most expensive…but it usually covers about anything that will break. It shows or itemizes the “Exclusions” …so you know exactly where you stand on a repair….It is always a good policy to buy the best coverage. It’s not much fun to break down in the hinterlands and then realize you are NOT covered…and on your own.

Seek the advice of a reputable car dealer /broker to navigate your way thru the maze of warranties available. Whether your in the market for a New or Used Car,Truck or SUV…better Call 503-643-4585 or CLick Bob @….You’ll find advice…and “A Better Way to Buy Any Car!”