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Was a New Ford Bronco in 1966… A Good Investment Today..??

If you bought a new Ford Bronco , right off the showroom floor in 1966,,,you would have paid approximately $2480.00. About the average price of a car then. It was brand new to the market and did quite well in sales. Ford made a few hundred thousand of them before it was killed in the late 90’s. But what if you had tried to buy a whole fleet of them…stick them in a barn and wait for today to sell them?? How would you have done vs. the stock market.

Believe it or not, (I believe it). There are too many people with too much time on their hands that have nothing better to do than figure this out for you…and they did. You may not like the answer, but there is a small consulation…Buying a Bronco in 1966 $2480.00  The same amount of money invested in the S&P stock market index…..get ready….$225,000.00..!!!! The average price of a restored Bronco today about $35,000….So….The market wins…BUT.  Classic cars are much more fun to own….you can’t drive your money.

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