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Use Touch-Up Paint to Restore Your Car’s Paint and Retain it’s Value….!!

When you get your new car it’s a great feeling to see it on the road with a perfect paint job. It shines and gleams at you every time you get in or out of it. But as you drive the daily experience…things can happen to it. Many states use gravel in the Winter as a traction device on the roads for snow and ice conditions.This can cause a problem with the painted surface of your vehicle.

By using a good matching touch-up paint product…you can sustain the life and looks of your car and the paint that’s on it. It helps prevent rust as you drive it…and will greatly improve trade-in value when it’s time to sell it. Many company’s make a paint touch-up that you can buy and use to keep things in order. If you don’t want to buy paint from the dealer that manufactured your car. Companies like Roberts or Duo-Color can be used for virtually perfect paint matches.

Most touch-up bottles have their own built in brush inside the cap. So application is easy. You can do it all. A little practice before you start on a hidden area of the car or down low on the e rocker panel will be a good place to start. It dries in 15 minutes and you can often apply clear coat over the top to further preserve the job.

Doing this will make it much more profitable for you when it’s trade-in time. Whether you want a Neew or Used Cra, Truck or SUV….better Call¬† 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @ BestCarDealinTown.com. It’s easy to do and you’ll find “A Better Way to Buy Any Car!!”