So for people in the car business …this isn’t much of a surprise…but for the average person…maybe. If you’re in the market for a new or even used car…It’s probably going to be all wheel drive and much smaller than ever before. The time  had finally arrived….no more full sized Cars, Trucks or SUV’s….those days are pretty much gone. It’s fair to say that over 60% of new vehicle sales fit the category above. Part of the reason is affordability and versatility…..

With the pressure on everyone….the less we can spend on homes, cars and daily necessities….the better. Cars need to be replaced…and when it’s time… people want high fuel economy and a car that will last.!! The SUV is now “King” and it is selling like “Hot Cakes”. The smaller “Crossovers” in particular. They are more agile…with better fuel economy…while giving the driver more confidence on the road in less than perfect driving conditions.

The average person will never drive their SUV off road….but they will drive in the rain and snow and ice. So the “New” SUV is perfect for them and the  family. It really doesn’t matter which model. Virtually all car manufacturers are producing great products. So…which ever make and model suits you…that’s what you should buy.  So if you are in the market for ANY….New or Used Car, Truck or SUV…Better call 503-643-4585 or CLick Bob @ It really is a “Better Way to Buy Any Car!”