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The Worst Luxury Cars in America…!!

An article in the Bend Bulletin yesterday, was quick to point out the faults of three very expensive luxury cars….the only problem is….the list is considerably longer than just three…. but we’ll save that for another day. According to the Bulletin….the Audi S4 (A4 with Sport upgrade) , the Lexus LC500 and the Volante from Aston Martin are unworthy of your major dollar investment. It’s probably true…but think of the ramifications of the Audi S4. It’s an A4 with Sport package. Not a great endorsement of the basic bread and butter car from Audi. But I’ve been saying for years that these vehicles are over-priced and underdeliver…every day. Worse yet…they don’t always run…even brand new..!!

When you consider a luxury automobile…maybe it’s another brand from Mercedes, Infiniti or Cadillac..??? There are so many vehicles to choose from…that the basic premise of the article is true….it’s criminal to take $100,000 or more of your money and deliver an inferior product….loud, underpowered and full of plastic….well that’s part of today’s world. With so much money floating around….manufacturers have grown greedy….again. So now the homework is up to you. Be diligent in your research and road trials. It makes sense to consider ..many makes and models…

The Best vehicle to buy is the one that makes you the happiest….at the end of the day , you’ll probably have to forget most of what you have read and go with your gut on how the car looked, felt and acted on the road. If you put in the time to make a great decision…you’ll be rewarded with a great car.

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