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The Seattle Viaduct…is Coming Down…!

Well…it’s true…the London Bridge, no I mean the Seattle Alaska Way Viaduct is coming down after almost 70 years…. I drove this parkway-freeway many times back in the ’90’s. It was narrow and rather tedious…but it served a great purpose. Get people from one end of Seattle to the other… quickly and without stopping.

But time and lack of maintenance has caught up with her. The gaps in the road are apparently as wide as a loaf of bread. Not real conducive for safety.So the city fathers condemed it last year and closed it last week. There was a big “Walk Fest” over the weekend with Seattleites walking where they used to drive. Lots of photos and such. I guess the view will be better too.

Today…the jack hammers and big equipment move in to tear the whole thing down. Cars will have to find…”An alternate route” for the commute from now on….

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