The Escort Max 360 radar detector is a fantastic piece of equipment. It is easy to install. Works like a charm to detect Police radar bands. Has a video camera pointed out the front of the car at all times to record anything that’s coming at you. Makes your ability to detect an officer of the law a lot easier before you get that ticket.

The max 360 is a pretty amazing upgrade from the old Escort. It is easy to install, about 20 minutes start to finish. Clamps onto the windshield with an easy rubber cup device. It works just the wat the description says it will. You can test it a t normal speed thru areas patrolled by radar police. It gives you plenty of warning before your in range of a ticket.

The video function will record up to 21/2 hours of view for replay at any later date. A good thing to have on board if you’re in a an accident. The cost is $839.00 So this one’s not for the fainmt of heart. But it works like a charm….if your going to push the envelope in your New Dodge Challenger Hemi….better get an Escort….or pay the consequences….!! Go to to get started.