According to the Wall Street journal….GM will announce the return of the Hummer…..but this time it’s all-electric. In a teaser ad during this year’s Super Bowl, Lebron James will introduce the new Hummer. Not content has been leaked…so you’ll just have to tune into the game to see for yourself.  Many of us thought that the trademark “Hummer” was sold to the Indian company Tata….but apparently not..???? Can’t predict what GM will come up with next. Doubt it will be available until at least the Fall. No idea what the range will be.

My advice is begin to search the internet for the first leaks of information. The bloggers seem to get better advance news than the news services. Will it be a success..?? Probably..if they can get a descent range from the battery. With E vehicles…it’s all about the range and so far, only Tesla is even close to something realistic. They too have a truck on the drawing board….but I hope the next unveiling goes a little better than the first..??? E is here to stay…one way or the other…and you’ll have many more options to choose from in the near future.

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