For the last two years…Hertz Car Sales has been very effectively selling off the very “Special” 2016 Mustang Shelby Hertz GT-H inventory. It is a car created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Original 1966 Mustang Hertz GT-H. The originals are now worth north of $150,000..!! I remember them when they were new. Guys would rent them and take ’em right to the drag strip. They were good and fast. So good they won most every race they entered.

Unfortunately, the temptation of swapping engines was also very prevalent….pull the Shelby engine out and swap it for another 289 look alike. Return it and hope the attendant didn’t notice the switch..!! Yea it happened several times. In fact they installed a locking wire with a crimped lead seal between the engine block and the fender well to make it easier for the Hertz people to see if the engine had been tampered with or not. God forbid they noticed while you were standing there..!!

Today, the wire is gone and the 2016 cars are now out of the Hertz Fleet too…well almost. They command a premium price with collectors. The mileages are usually pretty low. But they are fun, fast and very noticeable to the rest of the motoring crowd. You get the looks you thought you’d left behind 30 years ago. If you can find one….better buy it..!! You can let “Hertz Put You in The Driver’s Seat for Fun..!!!”

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