The Tesla automobile ,love it or hate it, has brought to market…several new ideas and technologies. The huge 15″ Info Tech screen was the first in the industry by several years. And it has more information on it than any other auto maker even today….But some of the technology…may come at a price…..your car..

So far there are at least 6 different accidents that have been caused by Tesla’s AI self driving mode. When you set any car in self-driving…you really do take a risk. Because at that point, you have given full control of the car’s speed and braking to the computer. This technology is still rather in its beginning stages….certainly there may have been some “Bug” to work out. Only problem is…this mode can be extremely dangerous to the occupants..!! Regaining control of the vehicle may not be a big deal at lower speeds…but what about 65-70 mph??

Driver’s are now somewhat apprehensive of this mode and rightfully so…. Self-driving mode will continue to improve….but at present, you might want to limit it to long stretches of open freeway…much like you do your cruise control..??

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