I know we’re all tired of hearing the warnings and do’s and don’ts….But while we are under quarantine…..clean every common surface you can with a good disinfectant like Lysol or 409 Cleaner, or any or the other brands available.  Oh…and don’t forget your cars…!!!!!  I know you’re driving less….but….you still go to the store and you still have to get gas once in a while. So make sure to clean everything when you get home. Here’s  5 great tips..!!

  1. Clean and disinfect all the common surfaces of your car. Door handles, steering wheel, gear shift knob, radio knobs, touch screen and your cell phone. You can swipe the seating surfaces too and don’t forget the inside door handles ..!!  These are the critical areas.
  2. Vacuum too…you can pick up excess dirt that the virus can cling to, by getting everything out of the carpet and other nooks and crannies.
  3. Keep your own hands clean. Wash them often and with good soap and water. Or use a hand disinfectant if available.
  4. Limit your travel as much as opossible. The less you go out…the less potential virus hazard you ar esubjected to.
  5. Re-do these steps every time you go out..!!! That’s critical…Once is NOT enough…!!

That’s it in a 5 step process….Make it a habit. Keep the cleaning materials on the work bench near the car….or…better yet in the trunk, so you can clean…while you’re away from home.

If we all do the right thing…..the lock down will pass much quicker and with a lot fewer people becoming sick….and that after all….is the whole point.

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