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Should You Repair Your Car or Buy Another One…????

Transportation to and from everywhere is one o f the oldest problems to mankind….We all need to get somewhere when we want to…and riding the bus or taking Uber is not always the most appealing option for us. Most of us still want our own car…and ownership has it’s price. You must maintain the vehicle and repair it if it breaks down. It’s when the car breaks down….that many people have a dilemma…do I fix it or replace it????

Well the answer is not always an easy one. First of all. Did you inherit the car as a hand-me-down?/ How many miles and years are on the car?? Has it recently had other problems and how frequently does it break?? These are all key questions to answer when deciding whether to replace or repair your car. New cars of course are under warranty…no problem. Take it in and the dealer does their thing. But your well used car is a different story….

First of all…routine maintenance like new brakes, new tires, new shocks…is to be expected. These maintenance procedures must be done every so often by all of us to keep the car on the road. These expenses should not count in the equation. The key decisions come around repairing a transmission that breaks, suspension that fails or another part, which is not routine, but can be repaired. If you’ve had a lot of repairs recently on the car….better consider replacing it. It’s the regularity and the size of the repairs that can make your decision easier.

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