Once upon a time….there was only one way to buy anything….go to the store and get it. Now you have choices for almost every commodity on-line. That includes auto parts for your modern daily driver or Classic Car. You can get virtually any part on line thru a 100 different web sites for almost any car, truck or SUV….it’s pretty amazing..!!  However, like everything else in life…not all options are the same. Some are fantastic while others need to be completely avoided.

Here’s my experience….. I have purchased numerous parts….at least 75 on Ebay…thru several different suppliers. Most of the parts, (reproductions) are offered at a “Buy-it-Now price’ So it’s as easy as logging on, do the search and click “Buy”.  Original parts are usually auctioned to the highest bidder…but sometimes may be purchased in a buy it now fashion too. I have been extremely pleased with the parts, service and quality of virtually everything I have purchased thru Ebay or other on-line web sites. It’s  easy, fast and it’s been a success.

But there is one caution to a huge supplier!!!!!…..DO NOT purchase anything from Rock Auto. com…!!!!!! Many, most of their parts are obviously made in China….a really bad thing for quality and quality control. They might be the cheapest….but the stuff is JUNK…..Unfortunately they advertise all the time on the car channel…”Motor Trend”. They also sponsor several of the shows that require parts for cars that are being restored or modified on the air. It’s incredible how many times they have unwrapped parts in front of the camera and tried to install them….only to find out they were mis-manufactured…undersized and WILL NOT FIT..!!!  If you want grief with your project …then these are the guys for you….otherwise….STAY AWAY..!!

I have no experience with Amazon…so you’ll have to try them on your own….I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has used them and your experience….

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