Yes you should….if the situation is right.  There are many types of “Dents” that can be removed by a “Paintless” dent repair professional. That is a good thing and will save you time, money and a lot of hassel. Just exactly what is PDR and what qualifies for it’s assistance..???

When you get a small dent on your car…from a shopping cart, ladder, baseball or other object…in many cases it can be removed without the full body work treatment of sanding and painting. Paintless dent or PDR as it’s called experts have tools that can reach behind dents and bring them back out. Working the metal with a tool so that the  dent disappears and is not longer visible. It’s really pretty easy and inexpensive in most cases. The person doing the repair has a number of tools and rods and probes that make their job reasonably easy.

I just had a pretty nasty dent taken out of my wife’s car. It was actually on a body crease….which made it far more difficult. The Repair went quite well. The guy was able to get the dent out and with only a minimal amount of perception that something was once wrong. I was happy with the result and it cost only….$50. A full on body and paint job would easily have cost $500 or more….So the next time you have a small incident with your car….think Paintless dent removal….It’s a better way to go.

And if you’re considering a change in vehicles after you have that dent removed…then you better Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob@ “It’s a Better Way to Buy Any Car.!!”