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The Portland Auto Show is Over….Now You Can Buy Your Dream Car..!!

With the auto show behind us….think about all the Cars, Trucks and SUV’s you saw…..Which ones really appealed to you?? There are a lot of choices as you now know. The right car is the one YOU like…not someone else. It’s true that SUV’s have become the number one choice by most Americans. But it’s still up to you. If you want a screaming deal on a new car, there’s the incredibly low lease deal on a 2018 Camry. It has never been this cheap to own or lease.

If you need an SUV…then get one with a big bounty on the hood. Like a GM , Ford or Dodge. You can save thousands right now and get a great deal. The Dodge Durango has just been re-styled….it looks like the front end of a Dodge Charger Scatpack now…..very sexy. There are a lot of mid sized SUV’s that can do the trick very nicely. Like the number one seller…the Honda CRV! It’s been the undisputed king for almost 10 years.

If gas mileage is the big concern…then go to a Compact like ….the Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla or the Toyota Prius….The latter is a great bargain now. Prices are low…rebates are high. It’s a great time to buy. There are three Prius models to choose from…one should be right for you.

If it’s a truck you need….there are rebates of $8,000-$10,000 and higher on many models….just pick and click to the website. That’s a great start to buying your dream vehicle.

No matter what you want in a Car, Truck or SUV…better call a broker like Vehicle Buyer’s Service. If you want….the “BestCarDealinTown.com….call 503-643-4585. You’ll find….”A Better Way to Buy Any Car”!