The Portland Auto show was a great way to look at and get into almost every car available for sale. All the major brands were there. Many of your favorite Euros were there too. The best way to shop and the safest way to look at each car is at this show. Yes there are sales peaople, but you really have the freedom to look with no obligation to buy!! What could be better.

The Chevy boys made the new 2020 mid-engine Corvette the center stage of their display. It was a nice bright orange, so there was no chance of missing it. It may start at $60,000 but you can easily and quickly get into the mid $80’s with out even blinking an eye. It is the machine of the 21st century…..the fastest car ever built by GM and Chevrolet….let’s hope it can all hold together….

Toyota, Honda, Subaru Hyundai and Kia were all their as well. The major models were on display for you to see and sit in. There are lots of choices out there in the car world now. An incredible number of models from all makers. Virtually all the new cars are really good. It boils down to personal preference and which one suits you best. It’s a great place to inspect and in some cases test drive…then you are armed and ready to buy.

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