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Pontiac May be Gone…But Joseph Bros. Pontiac is Still Here..!!

So in 2010….GM cancelled Pontiac’s ticket and wiped them off the face of the earth…..almost. Herb Joseph, who started Joseph’s Garage (Pontiac) way back in 1928…had another idea. He wasn’t quite ready to through in the towel just yet. The two grandson’s, Art jr. and John, are the third generation Family member’s that decided to keep the store open. Oh they can’t get “Brand New” Pontiacs anymore…that’s true. But they do have several pre-owned cars available at virtually all times.

The Joseph boys have always played by a different set of rules. When GM asked them, threatened them with a remodeling cost that was astronomical…they ignored it. Good thing they did. The bankruptsy came about 6 mos. later. I guess they had the last laugh in a way. They always had their garage service to fall back on. It’s now their main attraction. They have all the modern diagnostic equipment needed to take care of your brand new anything car, truck or SUV. Bring it in, they say….we’ll fix or maintain it for you.

The showroom..is frozen in time…and may have a “Classic” Pontiac inside. There’s another few waiting in the lot outside. In the meantime, why don’t you fill up with Gulf hi-test and let’s see what you’ve got under the hood..?? Well the good news is….the business is doing fine and taking on more customers every year. It’a great example of Yankee ingenuity in Norwell, Mass.

If your looking for a classic Pontiac