If you look at Nissan’s SUV list it consists of three variants….The Morano 5-passenger, The Pathfinder seven passenger¬† and the Armada….Eight passenger. Let’s focus on the Morono today.The new body and the interior, have now been refreshed for 2020. And Nissan has made their Safety Shield 360 available in most of the Morano models. It has 6 active safety features in it designed to prevent accidents and add great protection to the occupants.

The Morano aims at comfort and styling for you…more than any off-roading capability…I f you need that feature….better upgrade to the Pathfinder or Armada…The Morano will deliver you in style, comfort and safety…Nissan has made sure of that.

You have three trim levels to choose from: S, SV,SL and Platinum. Starting at $34,175.00 You can get a very nicely equipped Morano that will get you back and forth to work with ease and have All-Wheel drive capability. If you need all the creature comforts available…then go straight to the Platinum model…It has the heated and cooled front seats and the Nissan 360 Safety package.

No matter which Morano you choose…you’ll have a very capable SUV for city or light off road duty. If the Morano isn’t the one. Better Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob at BestCarDealinTown.com It’s a much better Way to buy ANY NEw or