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New Large Van Sales…Outpace the Industry..!!

Since 2012..large van sales, like the 2016 Ford Transit have been the leader in the sales game. Large vans can now account for about 20% of dealership sales. That’s incredible. Ford and Ram both have the much larger vans available now and have for about the last 5 years. Nissan ironically came out with them first, but dropped the ball badly. GM is still missing in action…with NO large vans to choose from…????

So why the sales junp in the large van sector?? Well the economy is better…not on fire…but better. So if business is picking up…new equipment purchases usually follow.

Besides the fact that the large Ford transit qualifies for the Feds major capital expense write-off program.So you can replace your equipment and make a major write-off in the same tax year. That’s a good thing for most companies to do, to hold onto their cash and profits.

Is the ram as good a contender…not at all. The heritage of the van is Fiat. It’s ugly and is a far lighter duty vehicle overall. Stay with the Ford line-up and you will be very pleased.

If your looking for a large company van….new or used…just Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob at BestCarDealinTown.com.  You’ll find a better Way to Buy Any Car!”