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All New Cars Are Wonderful….Some Are Just Better Than Others…

You may be saving for or contemplating a new car purchase…that’s a good thing, for both you and the economy. Cars, trucks and SUV’s are now made…better than ever. But….some vehicles are just better than others…yes this is true. And it may not be the ones you are thinking of….

So how do you decide which one to finally buy…based on quality, service, maintenance and good re-sale value. You know it’snot that complicated to figure out. The tried and true models…like Toyota and Honda are certainly going to be good choices. If you move over to domestics…it is a pretty d=safe bet to go with GM products, Dodge and Ford. There are many models in each manufacturer. With GM…The Suburban, Tahoe, Impala and Malibu are very good performers. If it’s Ford…better concentrate on ¬†Fusion, Taurus and the Escape. With Dodge..it’s the Charger and Challenger. Chrysler…the 300. Ram…any model will be great!!

German engineering is probably best left at the dealership. Purchase if over the top expensive. Maintenance is totally unreasonable. And sadly…reliability is virtually non-existent…What once was …is now gone forever….take a chance…. and you’ll find out the hard way….

So no matter what make or model new car you are looking for…always call a car broker to guide you through the process. For this area…better call 503-643-4585 or click Bob @ BestCarDealinTown.com. You’ll find a “Better Way to Buy Any Car!”