Ram just officially announced the introduction of the 2021 Ram TRX. It’s a virtual cloan of the 2016 show truck that predicted this model. It’s a beast that will probably overthrow the Ford  Raptor. It’s 6.2 litre 705 hp Hemi engine will blow virtually everything else out of the water. hellcat born with an FCA 8 speed automatic transmission will do the job…and then some. 0-60 time is 4.5 seconds and to a hundred in 10.5 seconds. Faaaast powerful and good looking . It’s quite a combination. The TRX only comes as a 1500 crew-cab with 5.7 foot bed. It will tow 8700 pounds worth of cargo and should provide enough power for all your toys.

The TRX pricing starts at $71,690.00 but can easily go up from there. In fact there’s a special edition : Launch Edition model which is $92,010.00 including destination charge. Thwese trucks have it all, including very well sorted race style suspension and gearing.

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