If your looking for even more bells and whistles on the new all-electric Mustang Mach-E….your in the right place. The new car coming out this Fall will offer the hands free driver assist self-driving capability….but it won’t have the software available until Fall of 2021.  This system will have a camera trained on the driver to monitor driver face direction and expressions. If the camera detects that the driver is not paying attention to the road ahead…the system will intervene and slow the car down. So this system will NOT allow you to do other tasks while you drive….you still have to pay attention.

But fore some people …just having the car do the  tasks of steering, gas and brakes without them making the movement to do so, may be of value. It really sounds like a lot of computerized additional complications…without the real benefit of self driving…like the Tesla. It’s a good first step….But Cadillac’s system, actually allows you to take your eyes off the road and do another task while driving at 60 mph.  If that’s what you want this system will not work. But the Mach-E is still a great effort to bring one of America’s great sports cars into the 21 st Century.!!

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