There’s a new “Beast” in town…it’e the 50th Anniversary Hellcat Charger Daytona…..717 HP and a wide body to boot..!! Looks great…performs even better. The Dodge Boys do it again….only this time, you have the “Wide Body” on a Charger, just like the Challenger. That’s also new for 2020. The Hellcat engine is beefed up slightly with 10 more horsepower. The white stripe on the rear deck is all about the “Old School” Daytona look.

The Allison’s and Yarborough’s were the first to recognize that the Dodge Charger Daytona…with the huge wing on the back… was going to be big trouble for them…..”TheKing” Richard Petty…ran Daytona’s starting at Daytona Beach, Florida. Petty pretty much cleaned up the entire year of 1969 with the car…being the first car to break the 200 mph barrier…and in a color known as “Petty Blue” continued his reign of championship wins that never seemed to end.

In fact the Daytona Charger was so successful, that NASCAR banned it from further competition….it was just too good for the rest of the field. The car was a stroke of genius back then…with only very basic aerodynamic testing that was available at the time. It is now a prized possession in many car collections….Bringing $250,000 each and up.

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