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Mecum Classic Car Auction in Portland Was Fun..!!!!

This last weekend, Mecum Classic Car Auctioneers came to Portland. Starting on Friday at 10am….the roar and the rumble of big muscle car engines filled the auction arena. It was non-stop action until 5:30 on Friday and then right back at it at 10am again on Saturday. What a great weekend. My Son and I spent the entire two days there. He had never been to one of these events. The last time I attended was about 34 years ago…. when the Silver Car Auction took over the original Portland Arena. That was fun….but this was unbelievable….

The pace is very fast, it was the first thing my Son said to me. “I didn’t expect the action to be so quick….makes you think on your feet”….instantly… and it’s a little stressful if you’re bidding on a car. But that’s an auction for you. Whether it’s cars, collectibles or antique firearms….the action is “Fast and Furious”…so being prepared is very important..!! We only had 2 hours each day from 8am-10am to preview the cars. We made as many notes as possible. Getting down on the ground and looking underneath with a flashlight is very important. It saved us from bidding on a newly restored ’69 Camaro that already had three (3) oil leaks with only 50 test miles on it!!! My Son learned quickly that you do your own investigation….don’t just take the word of the owner or auctioneer. As President Regan once said: “Trust….But Verify!!”

We did our homework…and then the fun began. Unfortunately, we didn’t drive home with any of the cars…..we tried on three of them. But two just raced past our budget. But at the end of the day….it was a “Hoot”! We had a great Father- Son  weekend and a fabulous time. We’re already planning for next year….but more importantly…. Scott’s into the “Classics” now! He’s ready to go out and search and conquer a great deal for the Dad and Son team….looks like were off to the races…well just like everyone else of course….but it’s the hunt and the possibilities that count. You never know???? We could be the next American Dream Car  Team!!!!

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