Day One is a great old car book. My daughter found it for me last year on my birthday and it is a fun read. Joe Oldham, Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine, does the forward. He has been a life long car enthusiast. Marty Schorr, his mentor, wrote the book…it’s got great stories and photos of ALL your favorite Muscle Cars. You’ll read most of it twice…it’s got the information and stories of how each car was developed and finally brought to production.

Marty Schorr, ws the director of Magnum Productions, the parent for it’s flagship publication Hi-Performance CARS…If there were a REAL story to tell about the latest big horsepower entry…Hi-Performance would be there with the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly truth about it…!! During his years at Magnum…Marty was able to drive virtually every major muscle car and exotic that was manufactured. He recounts all of these stories in “Day One”. Back then they were just cars…we’d be able to drive them…and talk to the engineers who designed them…in m,any cases. You had total access to the company’s inside engineering information and specs.

The book is a great read…from the view of one of the great men who lived it. But if reading isn’t enough…. and you’re looking to re-live your youth in a Classic Car that you remember….Better Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @….you’ll find a “Better Way to Buy Any Classic Car!”