Lee Iacocca was a car guy all the way. He had the sense, the intelligence and the savey with both dealers and the public to make almost anything in the car world a hit. I 1963…while he was executive Vice-President at Ford…he knew the company needed something new to break out of the old mold. Something for the younger generation to buy at a reasonable price. A fun car for two or a Family.  The perfect second car….and the idea was the Mustang…

When it was finally introduced at the New York World’s Fair in 1964…it was an immediate hit. In fact…no other car ever introduced had the total impact which the Mustang has had. It’s still here today and better than ever. There are not many other models you can point to with that longevity. In the 70’s things got a little tense between he and Henry Ford ll. So after he was let go he went to the ailing Chrysler Corp and saved them with the invention of the K-Car and the Mini-Van. Both hug successes once again.

He just had a way about him with everyone. He even placed himself on TV in front of his audience to tell them that things had changed at Chrysler and now was the perfect time to buy…it worked like magic. The company was saved…he paid back the Federal loans 8 years early and the rest is history.

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