2021 will be a big year for the entire Jeep line-up. The company turns 80 years old and they have freshened every model they sell.!! You’ve got the brand new Gladiator pick-up truck now. It’s a great addition to the Jeep Family and it’s been selling like there’s no tomorrow. The Grand Cherokee is always a hit. My wife just replaced hers and she loves it. The Cherokee was a great add as the little brother to the Grand Cherokee. It’s been an amazing seller… and it should be.

Then we move to the legacy of the original. The Jeep Wrangler. Derivative of the original WWll Jeep CJ. It’s a must have for people that want to get right on top of the rock …others can only look at.. It’s a value in either it’s original 2-door or newer Wrangler Unlinited 4-door version.

The Compass and the Renegade are still here too. Both ready to take you on your next on or off-road trip. To top it all off….Jeep has announced that they will include at no extra cost…complete maintenance for 3 years on any 2021 Jeep your purchase of lease. Now that’s a celebration…!!

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