This Summer the US Dept. of Tourism predicts that 100 million Americans will go on a Summer vacation . And to driving affectionados….It’s road trip time Baby..!! The road is a great place to see America. You can see a lot in a week or two. Get a comprehensive guide from the US dept. of Tourism or AAA or Hemmings Motor News. You can’t beat the information inside all the brochures…and you’ll love the road along the way…not just the destination.

No matter where you go by car….you can plan many stops for yourself or if you have a family…the kids too.Great destinations in Idaho, Montana ( Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park, Wyoming ( Devils Tower), South Dakota ( Mt. Rushmore) and it goes on and on. If you plan well…you can see virtually all of these attractions and more in two weeks. So what are you waiting for..??? Get you information guide and packet and start planning.

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