November and December, are traditionally very busy new car buying months, according to J.D. Power and Assoc. The incentives can be some of the best offered all year long by the manufacturers. Everyone is looking for your buying approval at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most people are in a very festive mood and want to treat themselves. Here’s the important part to remember about incentives….

If the offer is being made by the Manufacturer…then it’s probably something to pay attention too. Offers from the maker don’t happen every day. Incentives from Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota or any other company are genuine and need to be strongly considered. They will usually all go away by about Jan. 3rd. So if something does appeal to you….better jump on it right away. Remember…these incentives are only on vehicles in Dealer Stock!! No orders allowed….so the choices on models and colors may already be limited..??? But if they have what you want…then you could score big.!!

Jeep and Kia are offering over $5000 and $6000 dollar rebates respectively right now….A pretty good chunk of change. If either of these companies makes a model you’re interested in, better Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @ You’ll find all the incentives for every manufacturer right at your finger tips and a “Better Way to Buy Any Car..!!”