All car dealers of every make will begin to feel the pinch of low inventories this next week. The last 3 weeks have actually been good for sales…but if your selling and not re-supplying….then it creates another problem….No inventory to sell. That’s where we are about to go now. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Yes it’s true. Just when you wanted to get out and buy a car….there are fewer and fewer to buy. Especially new cars. The factories have only been open a maximum of two weeks….and then some of them closed again for a few days.

It’s going to be rather thin for everyone in the next two months….It takes a while for the big engine to get rolling again.  There’s no quick fix to replace inventory….it just takes time. Toyota and Honda and the Domestics are all in the same boat. If you want a new car…better get in to the dealership soon….and if you want the “Best Deal on a New or Used Car, truck or SUV….better call Bob…503-643-4585… at Vehicle Buyer’s Service. “It really is a better way to buy any Car.!”