It’s a little tricky buying an inexpensive car for a family member. It has to be safe, reliable and hopefully good on gas and low maintenance. How do you get all these things into one package…..Well you probably want to start with a Honda, Toyota or Mazda… These will prove and have proven to be the best out there….even with a 150,000 miles on them. This is the point at which these cars sell for $5,000-$8,000. That’s where most parents want to be priced.

Now the problem is….not every one of the cars mentioned above is always worthy of purchase. You still have to navigate the good from the bad dealers.??  Not an easy task. If you can find one of these vehicles at a”Reputable” dealership….then you can start the process with some degree of security. But who is really reputable.??? Not something you will easily know.

First determine your budget. Know your pricing brackets. Make sure to test drive the vehicle and take it to YOUR trusted mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. This is probably the most critical part of the process. If the dealer balks at letting the car go thru your process….walk away. All reputable dealers will allow an independent inspection. Those that don’t have something to hide.

If you really want to get ahead of the process in a hurry…then hire a “Car Broker” to help you find and negotiate the price of the car. They also know where to go and where NOT to go. Which makes a huge difference on the outcome of your deal.!!! Just call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @….You’ll find a much “Better Way to Buy Any Car.!!”