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Ford’s F-150 Truck Still Claims Sales Leadership!

According to Ford…it’s F-150 has been the sales leader for new trucks…34 years in a row….but what a difference three decades can make.

In 1982, the price of an F-150 was just $7692……that might sound reasonable…but were you around back then…it was a chunk of change.

Fast forward to 2016…guess what….now you’ll spend $67,270.00…How’s that for progress. $60,000 dollars more today buys you heated and cooled seats, Navigation, heated rear seats, accident avoidance system, lane change warning, and a whole host of high tech stuff. Yes it’s very quiet and comfortable…..but you’ve just spent 3 times what I spent for my first house…on a truck!!!!  WOW!!

Maybe you’d better re-think the amount of truck you need. You could actually get by with spending about $28,000 and use the rest of the money to live the “Good Life”. Or maybe not.

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