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Ford Debuts the 2018 Mustang “Bullitt” Car…and It’s Available this Summer..!!

In 1968, Steve McQueen and his Solar Production Company, set out to make a very different kind of movie. An attempt at making a an action packed movie with car chase, that seemed so real, you;d think you were there. It’s name was “Bullitt”…and it became not only an instant success…but included a 10 minute, real time chase seen…. that is still considered, by many… to be the best car chase on film.

Along the way to making this iconic, cult film…that no one can seem to forget….was the Bullitt Mustang….two of them actually, ordered specially from Ford by McQueen. One was used extensively for the chase scenes with hard driving and hard “damage”.  The other was used for the “Hero” scenes…with routing City driving and views. Both were supposedly lost. One really was just discovered in a Mexican junk yard…if you can believe it. Most of the parts gone…except the shell and a vin number…unbelievable.

The second was hidden away by a man who lived in New Jersey…He knew he had the “Icon Car”…and he wasn’t interested in selling it. Even letters directly from McQueen himself were unconvincing. Fast forward to 2016, the Father has passed away and the Son has the car…he wants Ford to have a chance to market the car along with the upcoming 2018 version. They immediately agree and the debut occurs last week.

The new one will be available this Summer. A 475 horsepower, 6-speed only car. Put together by Ford racing..in of course..Highland Green. This time however, you can actually order the car in a couple of other color choices too. All the creature comforts come with it…large infotainment screen, heated seats and steering wheel, even Recaro seats if you want to foot the extra cost. This mustang will be special…and limited.

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