It’s almost Fall….and Winter’s just around the corner. So there are some things you can do to your vehicle before the snow flies.

  1. Change the oil and the filter. It’s important to get the oil changed and fresh for Winter driving. Cars may idle more in the Winter adding to the deposits that can build up inside the engine. The real purpose is to use Synthetic oil for the re-fill. Synthetic is more viscous and flows easier thru the engine. Very important in the Winter when low temperatures make the oil harder to transfer to the right spots when the engine is started.
  2. Check the battery. It’s very important that the battery be up to it’s max charge and performance. Once again ..colder temperatures can have a negative effect on the charging of the battery and it’s performance.
  3. Change your air filter. The breathability of the filter is important to the air intake thru the carburator. If the filter is dirty or clogged…it will have a significant impact on the engine’s ability to run right. Make sure you get a new filter to start the season.
  4. Check the serpentine belt. This is the belt that runs the entire pulley system in most cars. Every major system in the car’s engine depends on this belt. Don’t take chances on it. Make sure it is in great condition with no issues.
  5. Replace the old winshield wipers. The last thing you need on a rainy or snowy night ….is to try and see what’s happening thru the windshield. Put the best wipers on you can…it’s worth it.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare for Winter. Take the car to your favorite mechanic for all this service. While your there they will check other vital systems too which need to be inspected. With all this preparation…you should be in great shape for the next Season.

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