This is easier said than done…however, if you “Order” a new car….you should be able to give them instructions …NOT… to touch the paint upon arrival. Just wash it, with soap and water and deliver it. Yes you can even get into trouble from a simple wash, if not done correctly….but you can’t really take delivery of a car that’s completely dirty from the ride in either.

So when you get the car home….then the fun begins. There is microscopic dirt on the surface of the paint…that you can’t see. It needs to be removed first…before you begin to wax your new car. The process involves a little work and takes some time….but will pay rewards for the life of the car.

Wash the car again, with the two bucket system. One with car wash soap and the other with clean water to rinse the wash mitt between swipes. This will initially clean the paint of surface debris. Then you must purchase a “Clay Bar” to rub on the paint and clean the micro fine particles out of the paint that arrived during it’s trip from the factory to the dealer. Now you have a very clan and neutral paint surface with which to start. You can now take the wax of your choice…and begin to seal the paint. The wax needs to be the latest technology with sealants that will protect the paint from UV sun rays and bird droppings.  Re-waxing once or even twice a year will give you years of factory shine and make the car more valuable and beautiful than 98% of them on the road..!!

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