It was a double-date that brought the idea of the “Car Radio” to the forefront. William Lear and Elmer Wavering were out one night in the car when their dates came up with the idea. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all hear music in the car..??? The guys liked the idea and set to work trying to accomplish that goal. It took a year to finally come up with a radio that could be installed in a car. There were lots of obstacles to doing this. All of the spark plugs, wires, generator and  distributor caused interference in the radio signal. But finally they had a working model available.

They took it to San Francisco to the electronics trade fair. It was a big hit. Orders poured in at the show and afterward…they had a successful product and even convinced Ford to put it their new cars. Firestone sold it in their tire stores. Sales went through the roof. Back in the day….lots of radio/and record player names ended in “ola”. So the company came to be called “Motorola”. And the rest as they say is History. Motorola became the largest manufacturer of radios, walkie talkies and cell phones for many years.

The inventors Bill Lear and Elmer Waverling took completely different paths…Bill Lear went on to invent the Lear Jet aircraft…and of course….the Lear Jet 8-Track tape player. The first 8-track on the market that actually worked. So the sound of music has traveled with the driver from that day to this….If you’re thinking about changing sound systems in your car….better Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @  You’ll find a much “Better Way to Buy Any Car.!”