Last year Ford Motor Company announced the end of several sedans…the Fiesta, the Focus, and the Taurus. GM followed with the Volt, Cruse and Impala. The Cross-over has hit America with new vigor. It is the leader of the pack. However, the American Family sedan is not quite out yet…..

According to Honda and the Wall Street Journal….Honda still sells more Accords and Civic then anything else.In fact, both Volkswagen and Nissan are sort of doubling down on the sedan segment because Ford and GM have given it away….It’s the age old story with the two Domestics….make the headlines, but don’t make any profit….we’ll figure it out later. Younger buyers may be a little fickle….but according to several surveys….70% are still considering 4-door sedans..!!! Wow…for something that was supposed to dead and gone….it seems rather alive to me.

The utility of a 4-wheel drive is great. It is better in snow and ice. It is better in the mud and sand. It is better off road and over the rocks. But if all those don’t match your driving habits….then why buy one?? Better to get what fits and what you want and like…rather than what an article or headline might suggest. And don’t forget….the sedan is growing increasingly less expensive to buy and maintain. Very important in an era of expensive everything..!!

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