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Chrysler’s Minivan…. That Almost Wasn’t….!!

The “Minivan” became a household word during the eighties and nineties for virtually every American Family. It was one of those marvelous inventions whose time had come. For 20 years ….it was the “King of the Road”. And all because …it would fit in our garage.

One evening, in 1978, one of the Chrysler Product Planners, Milt Antonick, took a Dodge full sized van hoe and realized it would not fit in a standard garage. Well he set himself on a mission to make one that did. The idea had been around for several years…and planning new it was a good one..We did our planning and market analysis…the people cheered for a vehicle like this and so the department set about building a clay model and making a pitch to management.

In early 1979 after Lee Ioccoca took over Chrysler ….we made the presentation….At first it was “Hell No”….but after some rather lengthy discussions. Ioccoca said…”Build It!!”  and we did. The rest is history and the Minivan became famous…Saving Chrysler in the process with the “K” Car. Those were the days when great ideas….resulted in “Great Things”….

Now…in 2019…the minivan is actually making a bit of a comeback with the  public. Whether you’re looking for a New or Used Van, Car, Truck or SUV….better call Bob @ 503-643-4585 or Click to BestCarDealinTown.com. You’ll find a “Better Way to Buy Any Car!!”