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The Chevrolet Colorado is Just the Right Size…!!

The new Chevy Colorado 4-door crew cab has been out for two years…sadly they are just appearing on the street… if you can believe that. They didn’t ramp up production enough to get past the fleet demand..???? Well now production has reached the masses and you can own one if you so desire. It is a great sized truck. Just right for getting in and out of without having to fight the height of the vehicle. It’s 22 inches of the road, but leaves plenty of height to get yourself through the off-road terrain.

Around town…it handles very well. Easy steering and easy braking. With many car like attributes for effortless navigation on tight city streets and parking places. Plenty of room in front and back. Passengers will enjoy the cup holders and plug in’s in the back seat area. Even with a short bed. It has plenty of room to carry. The rear seats fold up for extra space and storage. There is a great tool tray under the back seat as well.

All the standard power equipment is here, plus a power driver seat, Electronic tilt and telescopic steering wheel, limited slip differential and 18 in wheels to name just a few of the accessories. As with all trucks, there is a little additional road noise…but you can easily put that in it’s place with the sounds from the infotainment center……

All in all it’s a great little truck for about $34,770.00 and up. If you’re looking for a Colorado or any other midsized Car, Truck or SUV…New or Used…better call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @ BestCarDealinTown.com. You’ll find a “Better Way to Buy Any Car!”