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Car Theft is a Very Big Problem in America…

Car theft is on the rise in America…partly because of “New Technology”. There are now electronic, hand held devices that can decode your car’s keyless entry system and gain entrance by disarming the alarm and unlocking the door. This makes it very easy to steel the contents, the car or both.

Of course the Honda Civic and Accord continue to be the number one and two most stolen cars….but the Ford F series trucks and the GM trucks are a close second now. When you break down how much the parts on these cars are worth…you can completely understand the rise in theft.

Four (4) doors for a Toyota Camry are worth just over $3000. Wheels are $1600 and Hood and Truck panels are about $1200. These are used parts prices… So new parts are even more than this. No wonder it costs so much to repair and vehicle or replace it.

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