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Cadillac Tries to Re-Make Itself…..Again…

For the last 10 years….Cadillac has tried to re-make itself in the spirit of German engineering….well…..that hasn’t worked out too good. Like Lincoln Motor Company …without the parent…GM or Ford in that case…the patient would have died on the table many years ago. The German engineering is probably better left to the Germans….and even they are having trouble with their own one time success. The Cadillac XT4 is another attempt to try and regain the glory….

The power on the new model comes from a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine….and just the other day I was speaking with¬† a typical client about the prospect of a new car….they did not like the new wave of 4 cylinder turbocharged engines from either GM or Ford. I have to agree. They are loud, sudden and jump way too hard when you really push the pedal. Sure they get a little better gas mileage around town….but you pay for it in the absence of comfort and smoothness.

This Cadillac will have limited success like all other Cadillacs….but it will have one thing the others did not….a 2019 nameplate. Rather a skimpy ledge to crawl out on in my opinion… Time will tell, but the price point on Cadillac is way too high. Their is no reason to pay $80-$120,000 for one of their cars….just look around you….nobody seems to be doing that anyway.

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