There are a lot of choices……of course the movies that are at the top of my list are still…..The French Connection and Bullit. But you do have many choices. The movie “The Seven Ups” for example is a great follow up to the French Connection action….It has a Chevy Nova in the heat of pursuit of the bad guys …once again in New York City. Now here’s the intereseting thing about these movies….They’re all about 50 years old….Why???? Because back in the day….you could film high speed chase scenes in real time, say in New York…with only a few restrictions.

In fact…many of you may not know that “The French Connection” was filmed in “LIVE” Traffic. Most of the chase scene in which Gene Hackman drive the Pontiac LeMans under the elevated train are real. NOT actors and not stunt cars. He’s driving and the oncoming cross-traffic is real..!! Yes the director came clean in an interview only about 5 or 6 years ago on TCM one day. He bribed the Director of Filming for NYC to fly out of town with the family….while he was filming. He didn’t have the budget to pay for all the police work….so he took a short cut. There was no Police barricade of citizens…they were in the movie…They didn’t know it but they were. The baby carriage scene was a stage…but many others were not . Including a couple of crashes..!!

The other movies were made with virtually no crowd control restrictions as well.. This will never be duplicated…ala  you have movies which are virtually made in real time with real people and real mayhem..!! That’s what makes them so great All car movies are good…but some are just a little bit better than the rest. You can still buy a car in Oregon…they only state open for about 1000 miles. If you’re looking for any New or Used…Car,truck or SUV….better Call 503-643-4585 or Click Bob @ You will find  “A Better Way to Buy Any Car!!”