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The Best Auction week in Monterey, California History….Ever..!!!

It was quit a week in Monterey…Mecum Auctions, Southerby’s Auction, RM Auctions and two others were present to find new homes for the cars of the “Rich and Famous”. And boy did they….Ferrari’s, Lamborgini’s, Aston-Martin’s and of course Packards, Cadillacs and a host of others…made their way to the auction block. Over 85% found new homes by Sunday.

The record at auction for a single car was a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT II. It opened the bidding at $35,000,000 million dollars….Yes That is no mistake. But wait….the final price hammered down at $44 million dollars plus buyer’s premium of $4.405 million dollars for a grand total of $48,405,000 million dollars out the door…!!! Wow…and you thought your car payment was high….!! Well I guess there’s always the guy who has to outdo the other guy….

It was fun to watch the Action on NBC/ SN….that was the Mecum Auction….which was quit tame by other standards. High bid going to a Ferrari at I believe $4.5 Million dollars….So many super cars crossed the block it was hard to keep up with all of them. I will say….they had quite a few that did not sell. Reserves got in the way of several people’s fun….Incredible sales and incredible cars at ALL the auctions. It was NOT a muscle car event. The big dogs were out last weekend for a run…and they enjoyed themselves….

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