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Barrett-Jackson Auction was a Grand Slam for my Two Chevelles..!!

Barrett-Jackson Auctions has been auctioning classic cars in Scottsdale Arizona for 49 years..!! Amazing run and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year 1950 cars of all makes, models and descriptions crossed the block. It was the ultimate “Eye Candy” festival of January in the Classic Car World..!! I had two fully restored 1969 Chevrolet Chevelles in the auction this year.

One was a LeMans Blue SS 396 350 HP , automatic with factory air car. The other one was a frame-on restoration of a SS 396 up-fitted to a 454/ 450 HP engine, in Monaco Orange , with a Hurst 4-speed. Both great cars, appealing to slightly different buyers. They crossed the block one right after the other at 4:20 pm on Wednesday Jan. 15th. Very exciting and what a whirl wind…it was over so quickly…you can’t believe it. But the outcome was great. Very happy with everyone at Barrett-Jackson.

There were some bargins early in the week. But on Thursday, Friday and Saturday….Oh Boy..!!! the bids and final prices were sky high..!! It is in my opinion…. a sellers auction, buyers have to step up to make the cut..There were over 3000 bidders just in the main arena….not to mention the phone and internet..!! It’s a fast and furious event…not for the weak of heart…But if you do your homework and stay in the game and pay attention….you can have fun and maybe come away with a great ride and a great deal..!!

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