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More Automakers Added to the List of False Mileage reports….

Well the Feds have contacted Mercedes-Benz about a supposed”Slip-Up” in their mileage calculations. This would affect 100’s of thousands of their cars. Mitsubishi has just admitted that they were “wrong” about over 600,000 of their cars and the fuel mileage numbers. In fact they will stay away from the Japan Auto show over this. So what chance does the average person have against all this fraud???

Well, not much. All you and I can do is the best discovery and information gathering possible. There is no defense for deception and lying about the facts. If the numbers set forth in a brochure or on the website of a vehicle manufacturer are intentionally mis-stated….you can’t do a thing about it….up front. All you can do is react after the bad news comes out….and hope you weren’t one of the buyers who choose to take the ride on that maker.

The feds have obviously done a horrible job of monitoring and TESTING, the mpg statements from most all manufacturers. VW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and now Mitsubishi….what can I say. Apparently cheating pays off…at least for a while. Sadly it may still…you know most of these decisions are made with their attorney present to tell them that the gains out weigh the lawsuits??? Right? The Feds will fine them…and then basically forget them and go back to sleep. So much for federal watchdog….

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